Ts & Cs

I take payment via an invoice I set up for you on Paypal, or another method if you and I have specified on that. Paypal is preferable though and your alternative may be rejected, so stick to paypal if you can.

This is a big note, and the main one, I don't give out my project files. Not only do I use a lot of paid (and extremely expensive) plugins for After Effects meaning you probably won't be able to open the file in the first place, my work is my work, and I want to keep it that way. I put so much effort into my banners and to see the files, my techniques and processes in the wrong hands would be devastating to me.

Text changes to custom banners are usually free, depending on the scenario that might change, but changing the overall styling, effects and animation of a banner after final completion and payment will cost you some more.

My pricing revolves around a rough hourly rate, and the price of your banner will be discussed with you and we'll agree on a range or a fixed amount to work around. Please note if it takes an excessive amount of time longer then extra charges may occur.

Once you have approved the final design(s) and paid the invoice in full, the project is considered finished. Any changes you want done after this may cost you more.


By purchasing from me you agree to follow my terms and conditions